Who We Are


Who We Are

QWGenius was founded with the aim of producing and commercialize patented products, registered trademark. Genius devises installed on all the kinds of furnitures to solve several problem:

  • Loud noises
  • Difficult shifts
  • Wobble Annoying
  • Scratching scratches unpleasant

Genius devices replace the classic felt pads for chairs and for all the kinds of furniture.
Our patent leg glides are built in Italy with top quality material. Using Genius is not necessary to change them as happen for similar products already on the market.
The installation is very easy and suitable on wood legs and metal legs.

In the following pages we will explain the use and multiple functions of our silent and comfortable sprung insoles, with videos and application examples.
Our products are suitable for any type of furniture located in any domestic or commercial environment, their application is easy and intuitive.
From today you will be able to say goodbye to the little practical pads. Genius leg glide protects furniture and floors.


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