The new QW Genius initiative


For a truly unique Christmas and New Year's Eve
give your customers a room without the sound of chairs.

"May Christmas mean peace, love, serenity and harmony in our and in all the families of the world. Buone feste!"

QW Genius helps in its own way to realize a part of this wish:

Peace: the elderly will not find it difficult to follow conversations with loved ones in a crowded restaurant.
Love: lovers can make their statements without anyone being disturbed by the background noise.
Serenity: every diner will live their lunch with tranquility in a location where restaurateurs are the first to care about giving serenity.

Today, more and more restaurants and hotels have decided to wish their guests happy holidays by installing Genius devices, creating a sweet harmony in their rooms.

QW Genius wishes Happy Holiday!

If you want to discover our offers and realize the desire of each diner with us contact us!

QW Genius is the specialist who permanently and permanently eliminates the noise of chairs and tables from any room.

To better describe our product, we invite you to watch the video and, if it is not exhaustive, to send us your comments.

Contact Us to receive a tester QW Genius device.
Test the device directly on your chairs.

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